(Private Rental Sector)

UseFloorSq ftSq m 
Restaurant29th Floor1,981184 
Restaurant28th Floor1,981184 
Plant27th Floor   
Plant26th Floor   
Plant25th Floor   
Residential24th Floor3,348311 
Residential23rd Floor3,348311 
Residential22nd Floor5,500511 
Residential21st Floor5,500511 
Residential20th Floor5,500511 
Residential19th Floor5,500511 
Residential18th Floor5,500511 
Residential17th Floor5,500511 
Residential16th Floor5,500511 
Residential15th Floor5,500511 
Residential14th Floor5,500511 
Residential13th Floor5,500511 
Residential12th Floor5,500511 
Residential11th Floor5,500511 
Residential10th Floor5,500511 
Residential9th Floor5,500511 
Residential8th Floor5,500511 
Residential7th Floor5,500511 
Residential6th Floor5,500511 
Residential5th Floor5,500511 
Residential4th Floor5,500511 
Residential3rd Floor5,500511 
Residential2nd Floor5,500511 
Residential1st Floor5,500511 
ReceptionGrnd Floor1,410131 
RetailGrnd Floor2,045190 
Total 137,54112,778 

A fresh step forward for a visionary city

With its imposing glass structures positioned around a new public piazza,
New City Place is designed to change the landscape in Milton Keynes

Ground Floor

Typical Upper Floor

Office Summary Specification

Air conditioning
Raised floors
Passenger lifts that meet
BCO Guidance at an occupancy
of 1:8m2 at 80% attendance
LED lighting
Clear floor–to–ceiling
height: 2.8m
2 terraces
(Levels 12 and 17)
Target EPC B
Comprehensive renewable
energy strategy to exceed
Part L requirements
Suspended ceilings
Substantial number of
secure bike lockers
Significant areas of
planting in vibrant piazza
and green roof
Secure cycle spaces at
Lower Ground level, with
lift access from piazza
shower facilities
Goods lifts provision
to meet BCO Guidance
Ample car parking
spaces (including blue
badge, car club)